stereotypical fashionista

Stereotypical NYC Fashion Girllets talk about fashion, particularly nyc fashion. what i love about this city is you can literally wear ANYTHING and its socially acceptable – though walking around in your bro tank and flip flops is still more cali. but most of the outfits i see would be considered way overdressed in cities like miami, los angeles, and san francisco. however, there is a certain look that belongs to the young fashionistas of the city. you can spot one a mile away and know they are all on the way to work at their fashionable job, or what they wish was more fashionable… but nonetheless, there they are, texting away on their iphones having conversations along the lines of, “i literally can’t” in regards to some crazy aspect of their job.
wait. what was the point of this post? ah yes. the wardrobe. basically, these girls wear the same thing, every day, ALL YEAR ROUND! if its summer, the leather or black denim pants might switch to shorts, but most likely not, as these girls suffer for their ‘unique’ style. and let me tell you, i have decided there is no feeling more uncomfortable than being in the subway in august in the city, when its over 90 degrees with 90% humidity wearing leather pants. i have never experienced this as the thought alone makes me sweat…and i dont even own leather pants. but seriously.
so there they go, wearing their skinny black pants and a loose plain top because god forbid they wear anything cutesy. no no. the wardrobe palette must stick to the only colors in existence – black, grey, white. there is sometimes an occasional pop of color with a scarf, but thats usually only in the colder seasons.
their nails are perfectly manicured a dark shade. its either black, or some color that is so dark it looks black, but to use black would be ‘so high school goth’.
the lips are the exception to color, either colored with a vibrant red that matches everything, or oxblood, or dark berry. this shows that they are being dramatic without using black lipstick. (its a thing.)
now accessories. y’all know me – the more and brighter, the better. but oh no. not for these girls. its all about have 10,000 rings on your fingers, but not over-complicating things. this is accomplished thanks to midi rings and stacked rings. rarely do we see arm candy, unless its a bunch of leather wraps or the occasional ornamental piece. no, the wrist is reserved for their over-sized designer watch. earrings are studs only. anything more is not edgy enough.
shoes? only black ankle booties. anything higher and ew. anything less and why are you soo casual? i can’t deal. simple as that.
bag time! this is where the money is at. every fashionista knows the bag is more than something used to carry you life around in – its a statement to the world. it says, ‘look world. im fashionable! see me with my celine bag!’ never mind the fact that i overcharged my credit card to get this and decided it was worth being late on my bills. the bag is always a giant ass-carry-your-baby-in-here size, or a long simple cross body, though still designer. designer backpacks are making their way on to the scene, but thats still in the developmental stages of being in their wardrobe staple.
now lets travel north, shall we? sunnies. frame styles come and go, but the two qualities that always remain are – black and designer.
hair is up to the girl and she has a lot more freedom to actually show some uniqueness to her, though it is usually hidden under a black, sometimes DARK gray beanie. if its not, its straight with a middle part or thrown into the most glamorous messy bun you have seen. sorry to my curly hair sisters, we are on our own for this one.
miscellaneous accessories include:
  • tiny lap dog that is being blown over by the slight breeze
  • starbucks – always hot
  • headphones – big and chunky
  • gum – always being smacked

and there you are my friends. over and out.

new york is a lie

there. i said it.

i am tired of seeing all these shows and movies filmed in nyc that make it look like it is some magical place. i do not believe this place exists. i want to see a romantic comedy show or movie that is filmed in the DEAD OF WINTER. like no one cute outfits, but wrapped in layers upon layers with the bare minimum of skin showing. no people prancing down the sidewalk hand-in-hand casually eating ice cream cones, but clinging onto each other for dear life as they battle the gusty snow and try not to fall on their ass because the entire sidewalk is iced over. lets see a girl act all cutesy dealing with those elements.

in these movies, the people walk down the street, happy, optimistic and smiling. i want to see everyone hunched over, grumbling about the single digit temperatures and occasionally getting a load of snow dumped on them from an evil tree. yeah, thats the real new york. or at least the new york i have been living in for months on end. i have started thinking this other new york is fabricated. lately, signs have been popping up that show it could be real, this ‘spring time in new york’, like people wearing lighter layers, and restaurants putting out chairs and tables on the sidewalks again, but i just laugh at that since i have seen the 10 day weather forecast and its supposed to snow all next week.

no sun shining out yo ass now, is there?!

i have forgotten what spring looks like – what central park looks like when it is not coated in white. i forgot what its like to go on a run without the fear of sliding everywhere. i have forgotten what the warm sun feels like on my skin, which is currently so white its translucent.


basically, im ready for spring.

thinking out loud


i was on facebook the other day, when a photo from mindy kaling’s facebook popped up on my newfeed.


i LOVE mindy. i love her show, her style, her sass. i love her. now, it is clear to everyone, that mindy is curvy. beautiful and curvy. nothing wrong with that. but as i was scrolling through the comments on the picture, there were so many comments saying things along the lines of, ‘this is how a real woman should look’. i know they were trying to be supportive, but really, it just made me realize how we as women cannot win in society. i know men deal with body issues too, but this rant is going to be about women.

we have been brainwashed to believe that skinny is the only acceptable body type out there and everyone else is a failure. if youre not skinny, youre not attractive or worth anything.

then we have the other end of the spectrum where larger, curvy women are coming out saying how much they love their bodies and that curvy is the new skinny. good for you ladies. im all about self-love. of course, the haters on that end are saying that larger women promoting self-love are in turn promoting obesity and that it is okay to be obese.

what about the women who fall in the middle? what are they considered? they arent ‘skinny’, but they are ‘real size’. if you take a day to just sit and people watch, youll notice how many sizes women come in. so the women who arent size 00-2/4 or arent size 12+, what are they? even now, ‘plus/real size’ models are a certain body type and are getting smaller and smaller. According to a 2011 Women’s Wear Daily report, the average dress size among American women is a 14.

i guess what originally got me started on thinking about all this were those comments on mindy’s page, about that being what a real woman should look like. i know they were trying to be supportive, but if we arent that size, are we not real women? ummmm last time i checked, i was. some women naturally have bigger hips than others, some women are pear-shaped while their friend is apple. we cant control that, so to say that one body type is a real woman really is not helping any cause.

im not promoting obesity or unhealthy skinniness, im just ranting about how unjust society is. too thin? youre anorexic. too fat? youre lazy.

when the recent biggest loser won, instead of praise, she was hit with a ton of backlash. im confused. this obese woman went on a weight loss show to lose weight, and she did…and we are bashing her for it? she dealt with criticism for being too fat and then being too skinny. in my opinion, she did look scary skinny at the finale, but for those who are less familiar with the show, the final three always look so skinny at the finale because they probably all kicked it into high gear at the end to do what? TO WIN! that is the point. if you see interviews with her now, or look at previous winners, they have all put back on some weight to be in a healthy range.


watch this clip to see how healthy she looks. and she actually looks like herself again.

its just a touchy subject that has been exhausted being spoken about, but its still a problem women deal with every day.


for some self-love and acceptance reading, check out my friend sonja’s blog. always a good pick me up when you need a confidence boost.


yes. sadly, i am back on funemployment :/

my freelancing job at SELF was only 1 1/2 months long so now that it is over, i am back on the job search. i am not too stressed, as i have interviewed with 4 other magazines to get a paid freelancing position, so i will hear back from all/none of them this week.

in the mean time, i am trying to keep myself busy without spending lots of money. they say in new york, you cannot leave your apartment without spending at least $20 and oh my is that true. so what do i do? well besides just walking around the neighborhoods, once it gets too cold for that to be enjoying, i bake!

i absolutely love to bake, and i dont mind cooking, but i am not that creative when its comes to cooking, and i rarely have all the ingredients to make elaborate dishes. why? because im a kid living in nyc on a budget, so i keep the bare minimum in my kitchen.

for the following two recipes, i was fortunate enough to have every ingredient. i had too many eggs and a bag of coconut flour that i needed to get rid of, so first up was paleo lemon muffins. (okay, i lied, i had to buy a lemon for this recipe. but since lemons are 69 cents, i dont count that.)

a while ago i tried going paleo for about two weeks. i actually felt like it wasnt as hard as i thought, and i didnt feel as deprived as i thought i would. however, it wasn’t winter yet, so i was still craving froyo 24/7, so doing a lifestyle change that didn’t allow my froyo was bound to fail. now its winter, less than 30 degrees out, and froyo is the last thing on my mind. however, im going to try to stick to paleo 80% of the time, because life is about moderation, and i need my froyo and cheese. but enough of me blabbering.

paleo lemon blueberry muffins

these turned out SO delicious and tasted just like a blueberry muffin. ive experimented with paleo baking in the past…and its weird. paleo cooking = delicious. paleo baking = sketch. so i was super happy with how these turned out.



pumpkin pie spice almonds

my next baking adventure was something i have made before. pumpkin pie spice almonds. so good, so easy, and a great way to ‘spice’ up a snack.



both recipes will leave your house/apartment smelling delicious.



oh what a weekend. the sun was out. the coats were kept in the closet and i was a happy clam. literally walking down the street with an extra bounce in my step because it was slightly warm this weekend. i still love the snow, but i get SAD and sad with too much winter weather, so im looking forward to spring.

this weekend, when the weather warmed up, i immediately planned on putting on ma shorts and laying out in central park. this plan was immediately shattered when i realized that even though the weather was warming, central park was still covered in snow. SAD DAY.

so to get me through the winter weather, i decided to plan my dream summer. i applied for birthright and hope to do some traveling afterwards and having been thinking of where i want to travel.

*warning* the following content maaayyyy cause wanderlust



if i get the opportunity to travel after israel, of course i am going to the ‘homeland’. i put that in quotes because london is technically not my homeland, just a place i consider a second home.



when i studied abroad, my number 1 country i wanted to visit was switzerland. however, once i got to london, it just seemed to fall farther and farther down the list. if i get the opportunity this summer, i want to visit this beautiful country. and eats lots of chocolate and cheese.



according to pinterest, germany is absolutely beautiful and i would really love to visit any city. the rhine valley looks amazing, but i might have a friend in berlin (haaaay jill. im lookin at chu girl) giving me a great reason to visit that city. i have also heard nothing but great things about berlin and hope to visit asap.



ah spain. such a beautiful country and i would really love to visit any city. at the moment, all i can think of is visiting a beach city, because as i sit in my apartment so cold, all i can think of is being tan and warm on a beach. i am looking into taking some spanish classes in nyc to polish up my spanish again and then hopefully use it when i visit españa!



now, i love traveling. but im not as adventurous as a traveler as i would like to be. i do however, still want to visit every continent, and even though israel is technically asia, i would love to see thailand as well. why? i love thai food. just kidding. well not really, but there are more and better reasons as to why i want to visit. however, after some researching, i found a ticket from israel to berlin is about $150, and a ticket from israel to thailand is about $1,300+ and over a day of traveling. soooo maybe my trip is thailand will be for another time in life.

why i hate singles on valentines day


ok. first off, hate is a strong word. but saying ‘why i dislike singles on valentines day’ isnt as catchy as title.

now, normally, people write about how they hate love or couples on valentines day, but im the opposite. i really hate the self pity that singles advertise on valentines day. the ‘i hate love and anyone who has found love’ attitude. why don’t they express this the 364 other days of the year? couples should celebrate each other every day of the year, and if they do, are singles going to always hate on them? because some of us are single on a certain day of the year, we should wallow and hashtag our lives #foreveralone ?

what is so wrong with being single anyways? yes it is nice to have a significant other who loves you and cherishes you, but just because you are single, doesn’t mean you arent worthy of anything, or that something is wrong with you. valentines day has never been a big deal to me, but it increasingly just grew annoying because of all the girls who joke ‘haha we may be totally single on valentines day, but screw boys. screw love. lets go get drunk and roll our eyes at love.’ okay, good for you for having that independent attitude, but there is no need to hate on couples.

i remember in high school i was a bitter girl about being single on valentines day. when i got to school on valentines day, ready to shoot eye daggers at all the couples, i was given so many cards and chocolates by my friends. i was so shocked, but that day i realized valentines day is just about celebrating the ones you LOVE!

i guess the point of this rant is – if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, congratulations and have an amazing day.

if you are single, make yourself your valentine. god knows we could all take some time to be extra nice to ourselves. go do something extra special for you – get a mani/pedi, get a massage, do something GOOD for you because in reality, we all could use some extra TLC.

valentines day is about love – so spend it with people you love. boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, family, pets. just be happy to be alive and to be able to feel the emotion of love. today, i am working all day and then spending the evening with good friends going to dinner and a movie. and i am just going to be grateful to be alive and know im loved…and the fact that tomorrow all valentines chocolate will be 50% off!

(side note – as i was typing this post, a coworker just came in a gave me a chocolate rose. holla)

types of weather

im starting a new segment on thursdays that is part of the blogosphere – Thinking Out Loud.


today’s topic is inspired by the insane snow storm occurring on the east coast right now. thanks pax. thanks.

yes i know. weather. what a boring topic. you can leave if you want, but im going to ramble about weather, because im good at rambling.

my favorite type of weather is when it is 68-72 degrees and there is a LIGHT breeze. NOT WIND, but breeze. we will get to wind in a minute. now, this is an interesting range of degrees you may be thinking. and you may be wondering how i got those numbers. well, im not going to tell you. just kidding. anywhere, my hometown, good ol’ arroyo grande, has some of the nicest weather ever. not too hot. not too cold. all you need is a light jacket.

am i right?

am i right?

anyways, i remember one day in high school thinking it was SUCH perfect weather out and when i got in my car to go home, it was 70 degrees. and every time i felt that way and i checked the temp, it was 68-72. so thats my ideal temperature.


i love this snow. this has been an insanely snowy winter, and I’m still obsessed. like ive said, its because i dont have to shovel my car out, or clear my driveway, or anything crazy like that. sometimes the snow shuts down the subway, in which case i walk to work and am severely late. however, companies here are understanding when its snowy, and if you stumble in 30-40 minutes late looking like this

a07cfd4c3762c55f7667094364cfe82fall is a-okay. the thing that upsets me is that i then i have to be stuck inside all day working and don’t get to be out in the snow to play.

beach fog

is this a type of weather? idgaf. i LOVE beach fog and miss it so much. i love the smell of beach fog, i love everything about beach fog. i never got beach fog while living in davis and the fog in nyc is not the same as beach fog from pismo or morro bay.


oh yeah. thats the good stuff

to me, beach fog is just so calming and reminds me of home. so i love it.


okay. now lets take a sour turn and talk about the weather that i hate.

ima start with humidity. damn humidity. ive been grateful to not have to deal with this weather too much in life – mostly from places ive traveled to, but never where i lived…until now. i moved to new york at the tail end of the humidity, but i still suffered. and im dreading this summer. DREADING. i hate my clothes sticking to me. i hate my hair. i hate the sweat. i all just sucks!!

cute. i know. i know

cute. i know. i know


now above i said i loved light breezes, but wind just ruins things. it makes outside events miserable. it makes wearing skirts/dresses impossible. it blows crap in your eyeballs and ruins hair. yeah. these all are mostly vanity reasons, but come on, wind just sucks. growing up playing soccer outside, wind was your enemy. oh you just kicked the ball up field? well no, the wind is going to blow it back at your face! oh you want to sprint down the field do you? well im going to blow 40 mph against you.

not cool wind. not cool.

what are your most/least favorite types of weather?



yup. another winter storm has come and gone. i still absolutely flip when it snows. i love it. i LOVE it. mostly because I don’t have to worry about driving in it. however, this last storm was enough to partially shut down the city. yeah, when it first became winter and a storm was coming, people would wonder if it would be enough snow to shut down the city. and here i am thinking, how the hell can a snow storm shut down manhattan? okay okay, so this one didn’t shut down all of nyc, but it shut down the subway i take to get to work. so what did i get to do? walk to work, in the snow, uphill, both ways….okay just one way…okay it was at a gradual decline, but climbing over the buildups of snow counts as mountains to me. especially when you have to basically walk through curb lakes and run the risk of completely soaking your feet, which i did. however, im a seasoned new yorker now, and i know to bring extra shoes to work with me. commute in snow shoes, then change to classy shoes.


since the subway was shut down, everyone that couldn’t use it was trying to take the bus, so they were PACKED and bussing it to work was not an option. it was terribly cold and it wasn’t actually snowing, but it almost felt like an apocalypse. all these people going crazy all over the streets ‘SNOW! SHUT DOWN SUBWAY! PACKED BUSSES! HOW WILL WE SURVIVE?!’ it was entertaining to say the least.



curb lakes!

but lets talk about NIKA. winter storm NIKA! and before her was maximus. where do they come up with these names? i remember as a kid seeing the winter storms/hurricanes on the news and secretly hoping one day i would hear of a winter storm/hurricane jessica, but they seem to be the most obscure names! well, sandy and katrina, not so much. but all these winter storms we have been having are SO random. so i did some research, and it turns out the storms already have their names picked out for them. we are just waiting for them to hit. here is a list of the storms that have been and that are coming.


this years names were developed with the help of a latin class. so nika just hit, so bring it on orion. BRING. IT. ON!

life lessons

happy february!

big changes in life help us learn so much about ourselves. when i went away to college for the first time, i learned so much about myself that first quarter, it was scary. when i went abroad to london, i learned more of what i wanted in life. moving here has been a smack in the face as to what i now know, not just about myself, but about life. yeah guys, grab a shovel, we going DEEP here.

but i found this article about 37 life lessons in 37 years on huffpo and it just resonated with me so much, because i have realized so many of these things in the past few months.

i wanted to pick out a few that i love, but i couldn’t. so i am going to post ALL THIRTY – SEVEN! i know its A LOT but TRUST ME when i say every single one is worth the read.

Top 37 Life Lessons So Far…

  1. Happiness comes from within. We spend way too much of our lives looking for outside validation and approval that eludes us. Turns out, it’s been an inside job all along. Go inward.
  2. Be grateful for everything. The good, the bad, the ugly. Our entire life is a precious gift. The pleasure, the pain — it’s all part of our path.
  3. Subtle shifts in perception will transform your entire life. When feeling fearful, angry, hurt, simply choose to see a situation differently.
  4.  In being true to yourself, you can’t possibly make everybody else happy. Still, it’s better to risk being disliked for living your truth than to be loved for what you are pretending to be.
  5. The world is our mirror. What we love in others is a reflection of what we love about ourselves. What upsets us about others is a strong indication of what we need to look at more closely within ourselves.
  6. Everybody comes into our life for a reason. It is up to us to be open to the lesson they are meant to teach. The more someone rubs us the wrong way, the greater the lesson. Take notes.
  7. Trust. In troubled times, just know that the Universe has your back and everything is going to be alright. If you’re not there yet, trust in hindsight you will understand. Your higher good is being supported, always.
  8. Never take things personally. What others do is a reflection of what’s going on in their own life and probably has little or nothing to do with you.
  9. A walk in nature cures a lot. Taking in some fresh air and the beautiful landscape of this earth is amazingly head-clearing, grounding, and mood-lifting. Bonus: You can learn a whole lot about life in your observation of the awesomeness which is nature.
  10.  Hurt people hurt people. Love them anyway. Although, it’s totally okay to love them from a distance.
  11. You have to feel it to heal it. Bring your fears and weaknesses front and center and shine a blazing spotlight on them because the only way out is through. The hurt of facing the truth is SO worth it in the long run, I swear.
  12. Perfectionism is an illusion. A painful one at that. Ease up. Strive for excellence, sure, but allow yourself room to make mistakes and permission to be happy regardless of outcome.
  13. Take the blinders off. Don’t become so laser-focused on your own goals and desires that you miss out on the beauty in life and the people around you. The world is stunningly beautiful when you walk around with eyes wide open.
  14. Celebrate the journey. It’s not all about the destination. Savor all of your successes, even the small ones.
  15. Forgiveness is not so much about the other person. It’s about you and for you so that you can gain the peace and freedom you deserve. Forgive quickly and often.
  16. We are all incredibly intuitive. When we learn to become still and listen, we can tap into some pretty amazing primal wisdom. Listen to the quiet whisper of your heart. It knows the way.
  17. Let your soul shine! Be authentic. There is nobody else on this earth just like you. Step into your truth wholeheartedly and live and breathe your purpose.
  18. We are powerful creators. Seriously, bad-asses. With intention, focus, and persistence — anything is possible. Know this.
  19. I am full of light. You are full of light. We are all full of light. Some cast shadows on their own brightness. Be a beacon of light to others and show them the way.
  20. Don’t take life too seriously! Nobody gets out alive anyway. Smile. Be goofy. Take chances. Have fun.
  21. Surround yourself with people who love and support you. And, love and support them right back! Life is too short for anything less.
  22. Learn the delicate dance. Have big beautiful dreams and vision. Chase them with much passion. But, also hold on to them all ever so lightly. Be flexible and willing to flow as life comes at you.
  23. Giving is the secret to receiving. Share your wisdom, your love, your talents. Share freely and be amazed at how much beauty in life flows back to you.
  24.  On that note, be careful not to give too much. If you empty out your own cup completely, you will have nothing left to give. Balance is key.
  25. Say “YES!” to everything that lights you up. Say “no”, unapologetically, to anything that doesn’t excite you or you don’t have the bandwidth for. Time is one of our most precious resources that we can never get back. Manage it wisely.
  26. Sometimes we outgrow friendships. It doesn’t mean they’re bad or you’re bad. It just means you’re on different paths. Hold them in your heart, but when they start to hurt or hold you back, it’s time to give space or let go.
  27. Fear is often a very good indicator of what we really want and need in our life. Let it be your compass and enjoy the exciting adventure it leads you on.
  28.  Overcoming your fears is one of the most empowering things you can ever do for yourself. You’ll prove to yourself you can truly accomplish anything! Major self-confidence booster.
  29. Our bodies are our vehicle to our dreams. Treat them with love and fuel them with the best health to feel vibrant and energized. But, never obsess over image. Looks are subjective and will fade in time, anyway. Feeling good, healthy, and comfortable in our own skin is what matters most.
  30.  Let those that you love know it often and enthusiastically. You can never say it or show it too much. Your time, total presence, love, and genuine concern for their wellness is the greatest gift of all.
  31.  The present moment is where it’s at. It’s the only one promised to any of us. Learn from your past & enjoy the beautiful memories, but don’t cling or let them haunt you. And, dream big and be excited about the future, but don’t become obsessed. Love this moment, always.
  32. Life is full of highs and lows. We need them both to grow to our fullest potential. Just hang on tight and enjoy the ride.
  33. We are all connected as one human family. Nobody is better or worse than anyone else — just at different stages of our journeys and dealing with life the best way we know how. Recognize that the other person is you.
  34. Practice daily gratitude for all the blessings in your life, large and small. Not only is this a high vibe practice that feels amazing, in practicing regularly you are creating space for even more abundance — of joy, love, health, and prosperity.
  35. We are not the center of the universe, although our ego can make us feel that way at times. Step outside of that way of thinking and see the world and other people’s perspective in a whole new beautiful light.
  36. The world needs more love, light, and laughter. Go be love.
  37. You are the guru. For much of our lives, we have been told what do, how to think, what looks good, what “success” is. You don’t have to buy into any of it. Feel free to peel back the layers. Think for yourself. Break the mold. When you stop doing what everybody else wants you to do and start following your own intuition, you will be ridiculously happy.


doors are opening

if the past two weeks are any indication of this year, it is going to be one CRAZY ride.

i was so lucky to have one of my best friends and her sister come visit for a week. it was nice to play tourist and just enjoy ‘funenployment’ for a week. though, i was actually working for three of the days they were here, because i got the AMAZING opportunity to freelance for SELF Magazine. basically, i sent my resume to a bunch of people being like, i am ready to help if you need it, and they emailed me back and asked me to come in the next day!

it was a surreal experience to finally work at self, my dream since high school. i was basically just a fashion closet assistant, but it helped remind me why i came here in the first place.

with katie and jenny here, we explored all over the city. we saw mamma mia, central park, the top of the rock, and explored the city.




a week after they left, i was offered a longer term freelance position at self. basically now i am in charge of the fashion week schedule for 6 editors. it is a lot of work, but if i do well at this job, bigger doors will be opening.

1536437_725310160814319_106306870_nwinter storm janus also has hit. and yes, i still. love. the snow